2018 Region Finals Results

Awarded $6,000 each and going to NY Semi Finals in April are Ethan Simpson, Baritone, Madison Leonard, Soprano and Joshua Blue Tenor.  Other awards go to Matthew White, Tenor $3,000 and Andrew Bogard and Brent Michael Smith each receiving $2,000.  Remaining singers received $500 for participating in an incredible show.  All participants had previously received $1,500 at the District level.  Middle Atlantic Region Prizes total $45,500 this season.


  1. Bruce Nelan

    As always, my wife and I enjoyed the auditions yesterday. The atmosphere of delight and music appreciation makes for a truly fine Sunday afternoon. We were, however, stunned by this year’s outcome. The judges’ selections for the awards struck us as strange. The voices in so many cases, of both men and women singers, were stentorian, lacking lyricism and any semblance of joy. Two obvious exceptions to this were soprano Meryl Dominguez and Andrew Bogard, who performed in great voice, without shrillness and strain. Yet these two superior singers ended up with a third place award for his part and none at all for her. This result made us wonder what criteria the judges were applying. Just what qualities were they looking for? None of the first place winners had the vocal quality that would have earned them a place in a cast I would want to listen to for a full length opera.
    I apologize for this negative response to one of our favorite days of the year, but I could not sleep quietly until I had sent you this reaction.
    Bruce Nelan

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