Volunteer Info

Middle Atlantic Region
Eleanor M. Forrer, Regional Co-Chairman
Donna Wolverton, Regional Co-Chairman
Ruth Shaw, Treasurer
Carol Pierson, Regional Auditions Co-Director
Brian Boyle, Regional Auditions Co-Director and Capital District Director
Craig and Anne Jorgensen, Philadelphia Co-Directors


Philadelphia District
Ruth and Mike Biemer
Roseann and Robert Grant
Pat and Bruce Haines
Jane and Keith Kershner
Paula and Kenton Meyer
Jeanne and Juhan Runne
Sue and Paul Russoniello
Sylvia and Bruce Wilson
Capital District
Bonnetta Adeeb
Mariellen Grutz
Sheridan Harvey
Lyra Hearst
Elana Fox Lippa
David Mead
Shirley Moyer
Rafael Urrutia

If you would like to become involved with the auditions in your area and be a part of the Met family, please fill out the MONC volunteer form and send it to:

Craig Jorgensen for Philadelphia 

Carol Pierson for DC  
6205 Loch Raven Drive
McLean, VA 22101-3134